The Transition - J. Richard Byrd
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The Transition

The Transition

Everyday I feel myself transitioning to pastor mode. I have consulted and advised pastors for numerous years.

I will say this experience is so different. It is different from the executive roles I have held and even running my own business.

What is different:
I can’t quite put my hand on it. I am starting to feel the pain of people I meet. Small things about people are revealed to me. I see identifiers on certain people. It is like that movie where there is glow around certain people but not others that identifies them as a member. (probably not explaining that well)

My prayer life is different. I am finding myself in mire and deeper prayer times. I spend more time in intercession – even for people I don’t know.

Finally, I am having to make decisions that go against my business sense. For someone that is as analytical as I am – this can be very disconcerting. But there is a freeing feeling when you just do what God tells you.

My pastor friends say this is just a part of the transition. I guess my calling is being made sure. How do you handle transition. And if you are a pastor share your experience with that first year of transition.

J. Richard Byrd