Stop Reheating the Coffee- Why Multi-tasking is Not Good - J. Richard Byrd
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Stop Reheating the Coffee- Why Multi-tasking is Not Good

Stop Reheating the Coffee- Why Multi-tasking is Not Good

This morning I did as I do almost every morning after walking the dog -I made a cup of coffee.

Courtesy of Roger Price

Now I have one of those fancy keurig machines that will make you just a cup of coffee while you wait. Well this morning, while waiting the 1 or 2 for the coffee to brew I decided to go to my desk and send out a couple of emails. As inevitably happens, 2 hours later I realize I had not had my cup of coffee. Well realizing this, I went and put my cup of coffee into the microwave and decided to send a couple of emails while I waited the 2 minutes for the coffee to microwave. Well 2 hours later I am reheating my coffee yet again.

[callout]What am I saying – -If you continue to multitask you will have to keep reheating your coffee. [/callout]

What would have taken me 2 minutes has now taken me 4+ hours.  The coffee is not as good as it would have been had I had it earlier. In your business it might not be coffee, but if you continue multi-tasking instead of concentrating on one project at a time – you will find that it actually takes longer to accomplish and more importantly when you get to it – it won’t be as good.

Do yourself a favor – stop reheating the coffee.