Not Afraid - J. Richard Byrd
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Not Afraid

Not Afraid

Today, as I looked through my newspaper clippings on the Internet. I came across an article from Facebook. This article was very interesting because it asked a specific question that got me thinking and thinking hard. The question although innocuous , pierced me to my soul. It was simply, what would you do if you were not afraid? That particular question stay with me all day what would I do if I was not afraid.

What would I say?

What would I be?

Where would go? 


I was not afraid.

Now here was the crazy part about the whole thing. I couldn’t answer the question. Because I’ve been afraid of life for so long. Yeah that’s right this big well this short dark man was afraid. What would I tell my children. That I was afraid that I couldn’t even live my life because fear had me paralyzed.

As I thought through this addiction to fear, if you will, I realized that really I wasn’t afraid. That by just acknowledging that I was afraid I was able to break through. So I started thinking what would I do if I was not afraid. What places would I conquer.

Well I started writing a bucket list. I was absolutely amazed all the things that I would do if I was able to be not afraid. Today I started working through that list because no longer am I afraid of life. God has not given us a spirit of fear. Period.

So my question to you my friend is what would you do if you were not afraid.