Make It Rain- How To Implement Your Change Strategies
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Make It Rain

J. Richard Byrd - Make it rain

Make It Rain

Over the last several weeks I have trained and passed 4 certifications in Digital Marketing — I mean learning the ins and outs. The mechanics and nerdy stuff of how it runs. Just trying to up the game.

Today I will spend the day implementing the strategies I have learned. I post this because many times I learn something new and just pack it away — (just in case).

I am a hoarder by nature a gatherer of information and techniques. I save them for rainy days. But I forgot one thing. I am also a rainmaker. Why wait for the rain when I can make it rain anytime I want. So today, I am implementing. I putting my work and knowledge on the same page.

And I encourage you to do the same.

Learn, Implement, Analyze, Improve, Repeat.

Today, instead of waiting on a rainy day. I choose to make it rain for myself and my business. #ByrdOlogy