How to Handle Content Diarrhea? - J. Richard Byrd
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How to Handle Content Diarrhea?

How to Handle Content Diarrhea?

That title is horrible. I know. However I think it describes a phenomenon I have noticed on many blogs and social networks, mine included. What is content diarrhea? Well let me tell this story and you will begin to understand.  Recently I went through my blog and for the first time I noticed the dates on my blog posts —

Here is what I discovered. My blog posts seemed to come in spurts. In other words no consistency. I would have 5 days of posts — then 15 days of no posts – then 3 days of posts — then 10 days of no posts.

What I realize is that I write in spurts – I will get an idea and I can write 6 or 7 posts all in one sitting. I then start posting willy nilly —

1. Because I am excited about what I just wrote.

2. I want to see the engagement right away. and

3. I think everything I write in time sensitive.

All of that is hogwash.

To counteract this deluge of articles and posts then nothing, I have found a few tools and strategies to use.

The Strategy-  Write when you feel it — But then schedule — I know you were looking for something deep.

Tools to useHootsuite, Buffer ,and SocialOOMph all do the same thing. they allow you to schedule you social networks posts days and even weeks in advance.

I also use the scheduling feature in WordPress to schedule my posts throughout the month. 2014-08-12_13-03-41

The newest piece of my arsenal has been to add the editorial plugin — This plugin allows me to move posts once they have been scheduled in case something does come up.  2014-08-12_13-06-45There you go . This is how I handle content diarrhea. The hidden secret in this method is that is allows me to plan the marketing of each article much better than before. I can now a complete campaign for each article – versus just tweeting once and letting it go. Let me know if this system works for you or what system you use.