Getting Back From the Edge of F**K it? Part 1 - J. Richard Byrd
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Getting Back From the Edge of F**K it? Part 1 - Getting back from the edge of F**k it

Getting Back From the Edge of F**K it? Part 1


F**K it — I want to talk to entrepreneurs – I started my first business in 7th grade — I have been an entrepreneur ever since. I can tell you one sure thing — You will find more ways to fail than succeed. This is not an easy lifestyle —

You can easily become discouraged. People don’t pay or they don’t pay on time — Your employees lives and that of their families are in your hands — Your family well-being is in your hands. The stress and the pressure is immense. As a result, you become careful, you stop innovating and you stop taking risks. You often find yourself between give up and I quit. But every once in while you find yourself in a place called F**k it.

This is a dark place — You see I give up –means I give up on this idea — I give up on this situation — I will let it turn itself around. If I quit — means — I am no longer going to do this- Let me close down — pack up my stuff and move on to something else. F**k it is different — F**k it means — You no longer care if it works or it doesn’t work. You don’t care about the company — the employees — the products — the clients– and probably the most hideous part is you don’t care what happens to yourself.

This is a hard place to be — Empty — Heartbroken — Depressed — Suicidal — Questioning yourself — Questioning God (if you are a believer). How did I get so far out here that I see no other opportunity for existing. I know — I am there — but I am on my way out. And in my next installment – I’ll tell you how I came back from the edge of F**k it. Have You Ever been in this place??? Comment Below

PS. (Excuse the grammatical errors — I am just sharing my thoughts — I’ll send it to the editor in the morning).

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