Father and Son - J. Richard Byrd
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Father and Son

Father and Son

There is a father son and a few friends at the table next to me. It is great to hear the excitement in the voice of the son as he explains his world to his father. They are talking movies, food, politics. It is great. It reminds me of my relationship with my sons. I pray that we will always be this close. Just to have the ability to talk and share.

Every year for the next few years – I will lose a son to college. I say “lose” – because there is a transition – from father to advisor.  A change from “do what I say” to “here are my suggestions”. It is a careful balance, but exiting. Nothing has been greater than watching these wonderful boys grow up to be men. I can’t wait to see the future.

Ok, I almost got teary-eyed sitting in this cafe.  I didn’t grow up with my father – so there are some connections that I missed. I do, however, remember he would come and pick me up for the movies, the circus, and other events.  These eye opening occasions helped to shape my perspective on the world. I try on a daily basis to do the same for my kids. I am glad to have reconnected with my father and can share my boyz with him.

Kind of reminds me of the role God has played in my life –