Change Your Business - Change Your List - J. Richard Byrd
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Change Your Business – Change Your List

Change Your Business Change Your List

Change Your Business – Change Your List

Over the last few weeks I have been adding new friends and unfollowing old ones — In many cases it has nothing to with the person — just I need a new and different perspective —

This morning I had an thought — If I can do that with my social channels – why not do that with my business. I wonder why I have been afraid to expand my territory. To cut our lists — to fire some clients —

The truth is I have a diverse product and services line — Websites – Graphics — Consulting – Makeup – Coffee – Hair Care — Hosting — and more. While trying to sell to the same people is wonderful — Growth happens when you expand the reach (This is what I would say to a client). What is interesting, is that while I diversified my holdings, I didn’t diversify my client/customer stream.

So take a few minutes — Create an Avatar (ideal customer) for each of your products — Take note of the similarities — but pay close attention to the differences — Create separate lists to talk to each differently.

While everyone has similar traits and tastes — we all have different traits and taste — it is ok – in business and in life.