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The Experience

Who ever said leadership was a lonely place- really knew what he was talking about. I have never felt this alone in my life. I mean I know I have God, but this feeling of sheer desperation is some times overwhelming. You see for most of my life I have made really big moves. But here is the secret, most of those moves have been well thought out, well crafted, and frankly safe. I have been able to fly under the radar. No more. Now God is calling for me to make audacious and in some peoples opinions foolhardy decisions. In fact, He is not even letting me delegate or move the decision to some one else. And frankly my friends that puts me in a lonely place and scary position. I am not afraid to tell you I am scared out of my mind.

The Experience Dear Friends,Hope all is well. As many of you know, on May 7th, we held what I guess could be called our first preview service. Even without a lot of on the street marketing, God sent roughly 45 people. Our special guest was the...

I was sitting in West Palm Beach last week and it was announced that Shiloh Family Worship Center along with Pastor AJ Wright will be backing and partnering with The Experience Church Charlotte. I am excited, honored, and slightly fearful. Excited? This is the first public announcement of...