Try Again


Earlier today, while working out in the gym I sent my assistant something using iMessage on my iPad. While it toiled and struggled my iPad could not connect properly to the wifi. I had full bars but no connection: (that will have to be another blog post) And so as a result my messaged read […]

Update Yourself

courtesy of Hauwei

Many times I turn on my computer to find a warning or alert that it is time for an update. There are many types of updates. Some are security patches. Others are enhancements. While there are some that are bug fixes. Each update is important because if you don’t update, it can leave you in […]

Track Time Get Paid

Track Time and Get Paid Its all about money when it comes to running a business (or even a household, for that matter). Now, by using your iPhone, you can keep track and manage your income where and when you need to. GetPaid! Isn’t this what it’s all about? And this app makes it easy […]


Text-to- speech

Read to Me: Text-to-Speech Lets You Read on the Go Busy, busy, busy. If that’s your middle name, you’re certainly always looking for ways to complete tasks faster, quicker, and better. But what if you don’t have time to sit and read all those documents stacked up in your computer or virtual inbox? That’s where […]


Scan It! Your iPhone Makes it Fast and Easy

Do you dread having to drag out your scanner to turn even a small about of information into something electronic? Well put that cumbersome scanner aside and get out your iPhone! While it may seem that you are simply taking a picture, which you are, a scanning app turns that picture into a real electronic […]