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Welcome to My Site

I often get asked these questions – What do you do?  What does J Richard Byrd offer? What services do you have? Do you have any books? What are your products?

I spent countless nights, trying to come up with a unique value proposition. I even tried to come up with a super marketable and catching name.

There is so much that I do on a daily basis. I’m a serial entrepreneur, a businessman, a father, a minister, a brand strategist,  a Web designer, a clarity coach and a musician just to name a few. Every day is different for me. It can go from creating a website to obtaining financing for a hotel construction project.  But at the end of the day – I fix things.

Now unlike the fixers of the past – that are brought in to assassinate someone or even the tv show Scandal fixer that is brought to trouble shoot and fix political messes.

I fix businesses, ministries, and even relationships.  I fix branding, strategies, and systems.

I consult/coach CEO’s, Coaches, Pastors, Entrepreneurs,and leaders. I am the Expert Your Expert calls when they have questions.

People come to me when they are stuck or they need to clarify their vision.

As a result, I write on personal development, leadership, productivity, platform, systems, and publishing. I also throw in a good mix of social media tactics and technology. On occasion, I write about stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into just one of these categories.

In this site I provide training, resources, articles for the leader/entrepreneur that is looking for a systematic way to do business and stay integral.

My training does not come cheap — But then again I am not interested in hobbyists — I train soldiers and more specifically, Officers.

I am not interested in how it used to be or how is was — I am only interested in how it can be, how it will be, results that will Disrupt the Status Quo.


J. Richard Byrd
Have One Last Summer Fling

At the beginning of every school year, students from kindergarten through college spend the first few weeks of school getting adjusted and finding the right classes. Key in that process is the placement test. Teachers evaluate their pupils for reading, math level, and overall socialization.......

Independence and the Future

Well is has been a year since I put on my big boy pants and moved to Uptown Charlotte. A lot has happened, the business model has changed. The company has taken on a brand of its own. I have made many mistakes, but had......

Resume or Eulogy (Video)

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Be Mindful of What You Post

One of the reasons you have to be very careful about what you like or comment on social media, if you are not careful — the algorithm of social media will keep you in the same cycle. Yesterday, I posted an article where I discussed......

Why I Choose Transparency

The question was posed to me, Was I afraid that I would lose business because I talk about my “struggles” on social media and on my blog? I have to be completely honest about this. In the beginning, I was very afraid that transparency would kill my......

Plugged in But Not Connected

This morning as I went to the gym I noticed my phone was running low on battery. So I did as I have done on many occasions, I attached it to the charger and left the room. When I returned, I noticed that the device......