Take Placement Tests


At the beginning of every school year, students from kindergarten through college spend the first few weeks of school getting adjusted and finding the right classes. Key in that process is the placement test. Teachers evaluate their pupils for reading, math level, and overall socialization. These tests not only ensure that students end up in […]

Clean Out Your Desk


No matter what pithy plaques say to the contrary, every good teacher knows that effective learning starts with a clean slate, a clean desk, and a clean page – and the same is true for business people. According to experts, Americans waste almost 30 minutes a day – 180 hours a year – looking for […]

Time to buy school supplies


Many entrepreneurs are bootstrapping their business, making do with as small a capital outlay as possible. While not spending yourself into a hole is wise, refusing to invest when you need to can cause problems, too. Particularly in the area of technology, it’s critical to have the tools you need to get the job done. […]

How to Handle Content Diarrhea?

That title is horrible. I know. However I think it describes a phenomenon I have noticed on many blogs and social networks, mine included. What is content diarrhea? Well let me tell this story and you will begin to understand.  Recently I went through my blog and for the first time I noticed the dates […]


I Declare Today a Me Day

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I declare today a ME Day. I am sure you are asking yourself, “what in the world is a ME Day?” Well, let’s start here. Most small business owners spend a lot of time taking care of others. I mean you have clients/customers and you have to bring in the money. You have to service your […]