No More Excuses

Last night someone asked me about the church I was planting. I started telling them how I was so unsure about what my purpose was in that area.  While I felt a need to start a church plant. I also felt a deeper passion to assist others in getting their projects, churches, ministries, etc off […]

This wonderful video is from Bell Whiskey. In fact it is so well crafted, that if there was not a warning on the bottom, you would not know it was an advertisement for whiskey.  I post this video not because of the product they are selling, but more so on the craft of storytelling. When we create videos or other content, our goal should be to tell a story. The sales part is secondary to having a compelling story.

I invite you to dissect this video and use its lessons in your storytelling.  Below I have posted the making of the video.  I hope this will help you in your content creation.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments, were you moved by the video?

Article Template Plugin (review)

I decided to become more efficient. I’ve been talking about creating templates or anything that will make my life easier when I’m creating content. Today I spent some time in Microsoft Word creating templates. While creating these templates, I got to thinking, “I wish there was a way that I could do this in WordPress”. […]

I’m Grateful

I am grateful – My time-capsule hard drive crashed and I lost 5 years and 2 terrabytes of design work- but ByrdBoy1 texted to tell me that he loves me – My bills are getting overwhelming – but ByrdBoy2 – stops by every night to talk about his day – I felt depleted and that […]

My Problem With Facebook

This video sums up pretty much my issues with Facebook and why I am moving my clients off of FB. Don’t get me wrong – I think FB is a great advertising platform. But you need to have the majority of your interactions out of the walled garden.

“Facebook is a complex ecosystem of individuals, creators, brands and advertisers, but I don’t think it serves any of these groups particularly well because its top priority is to make money.

Now, I don’t think making money is a bad thing, in fact I hope to make some myself. The problem is the only way Facebook has found to make money is by treating all entities on the site as advertisers and charging them to share their content.

This business plan backfires because 1) not all entities ARE advertisers and

2) it was the content from these people, specifically friends, family, and creators that made the site worth visiting in the first place.

Now the incentives are misaligned: – individuals want to see great content, but they are now seeing more paid content and organically shared content which appeals to the lowest common denominator (babies, weddings, and banal memes) – creators want to reach fans but their posts are being throttled to force them to pay to be seen – brands and advertisers have to pay once to advertise their page on Facebook, and then pay again to reach the people who have already liked their page. Plus Facebook is not a place where people generally go to buy things.

Facebook stands in contrast to other social media like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram where all content is shared with all followers.” via veritasium

7 Things You Can Do to Get More from Your Graphic Designer

As many many of you know part of my background is owning a graphics design company. If you are really looking to make a big splash in your marketing this year a close relationship with your graphic designer is essential to that process.  There are a few things I think I can help you with […]

7 Things You Can Do to Get More from Your Graphic Designer- J. Richard Byrd