Just Do It: Guilt-Free Email Outsourcing

It feels a little…weird, doesn’t it? The thought of letting someone else read (and maybe even respond to) your email might feel a bit like an invasion of privacy, but it might just be the thing that saves your sanity when you’re facing email overload every morning. And you don’t have to allow your assistant […]

Filters and Folders: Automation Makes Productivity Painless

Imagine logging into your email and being able to see at a glance what needs attention right now, all the information related to your current projects, and a list of items you put away to read later. How much time would that save – just because you wouldn’t have to search for that email a […]

Paring Down: Multiple Email Addresses is the Road to Madness

You’ve probably worked with a client or two who has a separate email address for everything. Twitter@mydomain.com, facebook@mydomain.com, paypal@mydomain.com, info@mydomain.com, support@mydomain.com…The list goes on and on. While on the surface that might look like a great idea, what often ends up happening is that emails get misdirected and the whole system breaks down. You buy […]

Inbox Zero: Less Stress, Guaranteed

New message

Sooner or later, it happens to every online entrepreneur. With most of your communications arriving via email, your inbox can quickly become an overwhelming, stressful place. The result? You stop opening emails you know will require a response. You may even dread opening your email client at all. Soon, your inbox is littered with unread, […]